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Drake’s Passage Return

The sea was angry today, my friends. While crossing Drake’s Passage again, I woke up in the middle of the night, sliding down in my bed and then back up—hitting my head on the headboard repeatedly. “Drake’s Lake” has turned into the “Drake Shake” on our return leg to South America. The staff have declared [...]

Deception Island and Half Moon Island

Today we landed on Deception Island, which is a barely dormant volcano. There is a small inlet for ships to pass through with great care, into the natural harbor of the flooded crater named Whaler’s Bay. Once inside, the island consisted of beautiful brown sand beaches. We were able to hike along the beach, dodging [...]

Danco Island, Dallman Bay, and the Melchior Islands

Today we continued our zodiac excursions with a landing on Danco Island. There was a steep hike up the island for a 360 degree view, but I chose instead to hang with some more Gentoo penguins, and see the only King penguin of the trip, who didn’t look very good because he was molting. The [...]

Lemaire Channel, Petermann Island, and Pleaneau Bay

This morning, we cruised through the beautiful, narrow Lemaire Channel, which is a dramatic fjord referred by the Lonely Planet guide as “Kodak Gap”. From here, we reached our southern-most point with an excursion to Petermann Island to view an Adelie penguin colony. For the afternoon, we loaded back up into the zodiacs for a [...]

Cuverville Island 
and Paradise Bay

Cuverville Island is where and when I decided that the marathon would not be the highlight of this trip. I went into this trip thinking that I was most looking forward to traveling around South America, and I happened to be running a marathon in Antarctica. As far as the rest of the time spent [...]

King George Island

The geography of Antarctica includes a large peninsula and archipelago of islands that reaches up towards South America. Our marathon was held on King George Island, which is one of the northern-most islands of Antarctica, and part of the South Shetland Islands group. In summer, the island is pretty brown… mud, rocks, and of course [...]

Drake’s Passage Crossing

We fared pretty well during our 2-day crossing of Drake’s Passage to Antarctica. The staff referred to the passage as “Drake’s Lake” and gave it a rating of 1 out of 10 in terms of roughness. I had been using a scolpamine patch for motion sickness. At certain times, I went out on deck to [...]